Suite 403/ 2 Grosvenor St, Bondi Junction 2022
198 Oxford St, Paddington 2021

After Hours:    0490 095 462


Suite 403/ 2 Grosvenor St, Bondi Junction 2022
198 Oxford St, Paddington 2021

After Hours:    0490 095 462

Pregnancy should be an exciting time, full of expectation.

Whilst some areas of pregnancy can’t be easily eased, e.g. morning sickness or frequent bathroom calls, musculoskeletal complaints during pregnancy can be treated.

Lower Back and Sacroiliac Pain is just one of the many areas that can produce strain when the body tries to adapt to the changing shape and weight. Rib and pelvic pain are frequently experienced. Pelvic floor imbalance issues can be treated.

Sometimes the body can’t adapt so well during the final months of pregnancy and an extra pelvic support may be needed in the form of a Belt. Colleen Kent has trained with well- known Sydney Physiotherapist Francine St George to assess whether a belt is needed or what belt might suit.

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So why not do something about the presentations that can be worked on and visit Colleen Kent for some Osteopathic care. As a Mother of two herself, she can relate to what you are going through.

During Pregnancy

As a mother of two understanding the difficulties of pregnancy has become a particular interest of Colleen’s. Even during pregnancy the mother can be treated because of the gentle nature of the treatment. Cranial Osteopathy can help ease some of the physical discomforts that often accompany pregnancy and can be helpful in preparing for labour. Treatment can also be effective after the birth, in assisting the recovery of mother and baby.


Osteopaths can work on and help:

  • Unsettled-colicky baby, problems feeding and sucking
  • Restlessness and irritability preventing restful sleeping
  • Digestive problems and reflux 
  • Seeking a check-up with your GP or Paediatrician for medical causes of restlessness and excessive crying is always the best advice before seeking an Osteopath appointment for a Newborn.

The birth itself can be difficult and long, especially if forceps or vacuum extraction were needed. Even Caesarian section can be difficult if there was a prolonged period of labour beforehand. This can be linked with an irritable, sleepless baby who doesn’t feed well.

Babies who have had natural births can benefit from treatment too. A check-up soon after birth and regularly for the first year is advisable.

The sooner a baby is treated, the better.

Colleen Pregnancy

Treating Children

The following are the most common, but it is by no means an exhaustive list.

  • Headache.
  • Growing pains.
  • Other aches and pains.
  • Jaw problems related to Orthodontics.
  • Scoliosus.
  • Sports Injuries.
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